Relationship Counselling do any of these resonate with you?

Do you feel disconnected from your partner?

Has something changed in your relationship?

Would you like to rediscover the spark you once had?

Do you feel your opinions/views aren’t being heard?

If so speaking with us can allow each of you to really be heard in a non judgmental environment and work out how you can both move forward

Relationship Counselling

So how can we help

Together we can get you to rediscover who you both are firstly, as individuals and then as a couple. What first attracted you to each other and what are your core values and see if they are still aligned. Lots of couples get lost in work, families and other commitments so being able to spend time on each other is so important to reconnected with each other

During our sessions we will

Give each of you the space you need to express how things are making you feel If there has been infidelity in the relationship work out ways to move forward and build trust again Look at strategies to allow you both to feel heard and valued Learn to enjoy each others company again

Relationship Counselling FAQ’S

Having a third person in the room allows you both to be heard without being shut down or spoken over or the discussion ending in an argument
If the trust has been broken in a relationship, it takes time and energy from both parties to get it back. Speaking to a therapist whose view is independent can allow you both to really open up about the situation
We can look at learnt behaviours and negative core beliefs that could be making you feel like you have to fix everything.
We cater for both online over zoom and face to face sessions in Harley St and Kensington