Anxiety do any of these resonate with you?

Have you ever cancelled plans due to your anxiety?

Do you overthink situations before they happen?

Do you feel like your world has become smaller due to your anxiety?

Do you find it hard to get motivated?

If so speaking with us could reduce your anxiety and enrich your life


So how can we help

Together we can identify the things that are causing your anxiety. We can discuss strategies that will help reduce your anxiety. When we feel anxious we feel out of control so working with us can give you back the control you deserve

During our sessions we will

Allow you to feel comfortable enough to open up to us

Work out where the anxiety is coming from

Look at strategies to allow you to live a more fulfilled life

Understanding that anxiety can help us in some circumstances

Everyone has the right to live their best life and together we can make that happen


Together we can look at your behaviour around anxiety and work out where it comes from
We are born with only two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Everything else is a learnt behaviour which therefore means we can unlearn it with the correct support.
With the right support we can reduce your anxiety without having to change who you truly are.
We cater for both online over zoom and face to face sessions in Harley St and Kensington